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Join the movement to truly decarbonize healthcare.

Become a member of a robust community – healthcare engineers, designers, architects, facility managers, energy experts, financial wizards, regulators, and more - working together to tackle one of the greatest challenges facing the Healthcare industry: decarbonizing our facilities.  

Our methods are workshops, conversations, and an online community. Our product will be a living Decarbonizing Healthcare Guidebook.
Our goal is transformation. 

Share your expertise, your ideas, your experience. Share your
passion to help us build healthcare facilities that truly create
healthier environments.

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We are on a mission.

“Climate change is the greatest threat to global health in the 21st century.[1]” Hence why, we are on a mission to decarbonize healthcare, and we invite you to join us. Today, Healthcare represents almost 20% of the US National Economy, 10% of US carbon emissions, and 5% of global carbon emissions... and growing. Rather than “doing no harm,” healthcare is actively fueling the carbon fire. In response, we are creating a “living” guidebook to take meaningful steps towards decarbonizing hospitals, starting in California. Via a passionate and curious healthcare engineering community, we intend to crowdsource the “best in class” thinking for our collective benefit, including future generations.

Share a quick thought with me!

Imagine you are tasked with converting a hospital kitchen to 100% electric.

The first challenge that comes to mind is ____________.


Solar Thermal is a source of heat that's available to all of us. Our hospitals need heat (though not as much as we're dumping in them today). Can we collect enough to make a difference? What's your experience with solar thermal?

New Tech/Study:

Salt/Brine Humidification De-Humidification (HDH) instead of Steam.

Here is a study/technology to address removing the steam humidification in HVAC systems. This also has a benefit to be able to dehumidify if we can run the system in reverse during the summer/humid months. 


Imagine an outside funder asks you, "What ONE decarb project would you like funded?" (No strings attached)