8. Our REAL Decarb Journey

Workshop Date:


An esteemed panel of Healthcare professionals, representing Kaiser Permanente, Stanford Children's Health, Nemours, Atrium Health, and CommonSpirit. We dive into the real issues facing these organizations on the path to carbon neutrality and beyond.



Opening Statements

  • - Christine Foster, Stanford Healthcare, Healthcare Environmental Health, Safety and Sustainability Leader
  • - Paul Qvale, Nemours, Manager, Integrated Facility Design
  • - Seema Wadhwa, Kaiser Permanente, Executive Director, Environmental Stewardship
  • - Elizabeth Ratner, Atrium Health, Sustainability Project Manager
  • - Michael Roberts, Atrium Health, Director, Corporate Infrastructure Support - Energy
  • - Skanda Skandaverl, CommonSpirit, Division Director, Midwest

Panel Discussion

Breakout Rooms





  • Explore the real issues healthcare organizations are experiencing on the path to carbon neutrality and beyond


  • - Connect your decarb strategy (tightly) with your organization's mission and values. This can be seen as "another thing".

  • - Partner with your local utility to help drive cleaner fuel sources, directly impacting your scope 2 emissions. (You likely have more influence than you realize.)

  • - Embark on low-cost actions to get started (They do exist!)

  • - START - We must move with a greater sense of urgency overall, and we all play a role. (The devastation of exceeding 1.5 degrees C is likely worse than we realize.)