4. Let off some steam: Decarbonizing humidification and sterilization systems

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Discussing current steam use in hospitals and how to reduce the reliance on steam. Including identifying ways to reduce steam loads and exploring non-combustion methods for steam generation.



Panel Discussion

  • -Case study: Zero Gas Hospital - Jim Crabb, Mazzetti
  • -Adiabatic humidification - John Rees, Dristeem
  • -Alternative sterilization methods - Jim Crabb, Mazzetti
  • -Case study: Explore a hospital scenario to get rid of steam - Austin Barolin, Mazzetti

Interactive Breakout Sessions -

  1. Engineering Focus
  2. Facility Acceptance Focus
  3. Design/Project Focus
  4. Finance/Business Case Focus

Regroup Summary

Continued discussion on Decarb Healthcare Community

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  • - Explore non-natural gas methods of generating steam
  • - Explore non-steam alternatives for sterilization and humidification
  • - Identify barriers to using these alternative steam generation methods
  • - Explore options for existing hospitals that depend on steam systems


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